SADE Constructions

SADE Constructions. Specialized in construction and renovation.

Fully realized plans for construction
With your ideas and our experience we can build the house of your dreams, in both the designing and the construction.
Based on photographs and the contour plans, we base the design on the geometry and the natural state of the available space. We always look out for your needs and the excellent quality of our services, while we present to you the final design of the project in a 3D realistic way.
We take on all project in every construction phase till the completion of the build, with the complete supervision of our personnel and pre-agreed time of completion. 
We can also assist you with:
-    Finding the perfect plot
-    Choosing the right material depending on the project
-    Improving the environmental shielding of a home(fixing the insulation, heat, cold etc)
-    Redesigning the outside of the residence
-    Supervising the entirety of the project
We will deliver your new home on time, completely ready for you.
Renovation of properties
Renovating your property to fit your needs and preferences.
 Α. Formulation of indoor spaces
SADE Constructions with long experience in renovation is able to design and organize your space every step of the process.
Our company guarantees amazing results of a modern, elegant and ergonomic space based on your wishes and aesthetics.
Our aim is to save you money and time while feeling comfortable in your new space.
We undertake:
1.    The design and redesign of your whole property or some spaces.
2.    The estimate of the budget and time of the project.
3.    The timeframe of the work.
4.    The management of the different teams.
5.    The best choice of materials.
6.    And last but not least, we vow for the quickest finalization without compromising the quality 
-    Dismantling of any type (tiles, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, plumbing, electrical, security units, heat etc.)
-    Installation of new plumbing and piping 
-    Electrical installations: new switches on the old installations, changing of electrical lines, cables, receptors and systems.
-    Changing of floors (wood, marble floors, tile floors, cement)
-    Ergonomic kitchen design
-    Redesign of bathrooms, changing of piping, tiles, sanitary equipment and bathroom furniture.
-    Inside and outside painting with insulation
-    Installation of drywall and concrete tiles
-    Stone cladding
-    Construction and installation of a fireplace in a classic or modern aesthetic of the best quality.
-    Designing and installation of hidden lighting for the vibe and conservation of energy

B. Formulation of outdoors spaces
The formulation of the outdoors is as important to us and is always constructed according to your wishes and needs.
Our company can design and renovate every outdoors space with the proper management of the available space according to your wishes. 
In perfect harmony with the environment, we design aesthetically pleasing, calm spaces such as: a pool, BBQ, outdoors kitchen, lounge, bar, kiosk, fencing, with any material (stone, concrete, steel).

SADE Constructions